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So, to conclude things with Haroun, our class made projects to show our lens to the other people in our class.  Our group was allusion, and we spent a few days mulling over different ideas to show off what we had been thinking about for the past two months.  We threw around ideas that involved art, as two members were very proficient in painting and in drawing, and we wanted to incorporate that to make the project look really good, and to be out of the box. We really wanted to be different from the other groups, so we ruled out any of the boring ideas and thought of original ways to express our ideas. We settled on the idea of making pop up scenes from books that were alluded to in Haroun, and also making painted backdrops for those scenes.  HarounProject

To make this happen, we had to talk a lot about how we would create it and work collaboratively to do so.  We did a lot of research and digging back in our old notes about allusions we had picked up while going through the book so we could come up with ideas of what we wanted to make our pop up scenes of .  In the end, we did some online research as well, and that combined with our own notes led us to make scenes of Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan.  Working to come up with ideas like this was different for me, as I usually work individually and take the lead, and I wasn’t as used to having others that also have really good ideas contribute to the project.  The process was really different for me, as I’m not really used to making artwork for a project.  I did feel a little inadequate, as I am personally not as artistically inclined as the two members of our group, although I think that I didn’t embarrass myself too much.  

I really liked how the project turned out.  I think our group did a great job coming up with an original idea, so the make it unique part was definitely met, as we made spray paint backgrounds for pop up scenes, something I had never heard was done before.  I also think our group fully met the make it beautiful part of the rubric, as our artwork was great.  Another part I think that we exceeded at was the make it poignant part, as we were able to create an unforgettable way to show off our allusions, and make a big impression on our audience.  The relevance aspect of the rubric was also met, as we made the project to be beautiful, so that made it so that people care immediately. All in all, I think our group did a fantastic job on the project, and really enjoyed doing it.Image result for haroun and the sea of stories

Our lens, allusion, is an answer to the question, “What’s the point of telling stories that aren’t even true”.  Allusion is an answer because allusion is a way to teach people lessons while referencing things that they know, so that they can actually gain something.  I think of it as a way to hypothetically explain something to someone without confusing them too much, because it’s related to what they already know.  Another more fun way that allusion is an answer to telling stories that aren’t even true is because telling stories that aren’t true can allow people to reference fictional texts in real life and be able to understand more about what people say or do because a lot of the time, it is related to stories we see, read, or hear.  Telling stories is one of the best things the human race has done, and I think that allusion is a great way to use those stories to expand our own knowledge.

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